Elevated Calm - Ground + Protect
Elevated Calm - Ground + Protect
Elevated Calm - Ground + Protect

Mini Energy Set - Ground + Protect

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Black Obsidian + Smoky Quartz

Crystals have been used in holistic healing and self-care practices for centuries. This CRYSTAL MAGIC collection has been curated for the specific properties, unique beauty, and positive energy of the crystals included.

Black Obsidian - Ground:  Balances opposing energies within and around your body for optimal harmony.  Sleek formation and deflecting properties keep worries at bay! Helps to process grief, provides grounding energy, and stimulates action for your most growth.

Smoky Quartz - Protect: Excellent tool for meditation! Breaks up negative energy patterns that cause mental and emotional blocks. Protects and stabilizes the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Uses: Perfect to carry in your purse, pocket, or bag, as well as to place in personal and workspaces to provide effective bursts of energy whenever needed.

Product Specs:  Crystals measure approximately .75" to 1", and include 1 polished Smoky Quartz + 1 raw Black Obsidian.  

Because these are natural stones, each varies in size, shape and markings. Each is different and unique, just like you! 

Metaphysical properties are provided solely for informational purposes and are not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional.