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Elevated Calm About Us

 Hi and welcome! My name is Rekeiah and I’m the owner of Elevated Calm, located in Charlotte, NC. I started Elevated Calm in 2019 as an extension of my own personal self-care and spiritual journey. I’d fallen in love with crystals and essential oils, and felt such gratitude for the impact they had in my life that I wanted to share that with others.

I love helping clients connect with oils and crystals that are perfect for them, based on their needs and their own journey. If you’re looking for something that’s not on the site, feel free to message me or send a note through the contact form. As a one woman shop, only a fraction of inventory is listed at any given time, so there's a chance I have what you're looking for. If not, I'm more than happy to source it. I’d love to help you find that special crystal or oil just for you!

xo, Rekeiah