Setting Intentions for the New Year (and Beyond)!


Journal, sage and crystals in a bowl
The start of the new year is often a time of reflection — a time to leave old habits in the past, while making changes for a better future. It’s the perfect time to use the energy of change to set goals and intentions for the year ahead. Below I will outline an intention-setting ritual that can be used for the new year and during the new moon phase, too!

First, begin with a clean space. Cleaning helps us to make room for the things we’d like to call into our life. You can use incense, sage or palo santo to energetically cleanse your space, your crystals, and yourself. I like to take a bath or shower as well, and imagine that the water is releasing and/or washing away the things I don’t wish to bring with me into the new year. (This step is completely optional and entirely up to you.)

Next, find a quiet and comfortable space to set your intentions. Light a candle, diffuse essential oils, play music –whatever feels right to you. Choose your crystal – it can be any crystal you have on hand, or one chosen with intention and a specific purpose in mind, such as:

  • Clear Quartz: Clarity & Healing
  • Amethyst: Intuition & Spirituality
  • Rose Quartz: Love, Peace & Acceptance
  • Citrine: Success, Prosperity & Abundance
  • Carnelian: Creativity, Courage & Confidence
  • Fluorite: Positive Energy, Spirituality & Growth
  • Moonstone: New Beginnings, Intuition
  • Sodalite: Intuition, Clarity & Truth

Take a moment to write down your intentions or wishes for the new year. What would you like to manifest? What is your vision for the year? What are your goals? Once you're clear on your intentions, read them out loud, or in your head (whatever is more comfortable), then place your crystal(s) on top of the paper and visualize your intentions actually happening. Pay close attention to how you would feel and really bask in that energy and feeling.

When you are finished, blow out your candle (if you lit one) and give thanks to close out the ritual. Show gratitude by saying, for example, “With my heart full of gratitude, I welcome a new path, new energy, new connections and new beginnings.”

Rituals are a great way to shift your energy and intention to manifest your heart’s desires, and are especially meaningful during times of change, such as the beginning of a new year.

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