Crystal Shapes & Meanings

Does the shape of your crystal really matter? The short answer is yes! Just like different types of crystals have their own properties and benefits, the shape can also affect the energy of a crystal.

Personally, I find myself going through cycles. Sometimes I’m all about spheres; at other times I’m totally drawn to towers (or palm stones, or hearts, or…). Unsure of what shape to choose? Keep reading to learn more about the most common crystal shapes, or let your intuition be your guide – it will never lead you astray! 


Tumbles are commonly thought of as “beginner stones”. They are typically small stones that are smooth on all sides that give off soft, gentle energy. They are generally inexpensive, often ranging from $3-5. Because of their smaller size, tumbles are perfect to carry with you in your purse, pocket, or even your bra, allowing you to experience the energy of the stone throughout the day.


Cubes, like tumbles, are typically flat and smooth on all sides. The shape helps with grounding and/or protection. Cubes are great for meditating and to connect with Earth energy and are especially good for holding intentions due to their shape.


Towers are typically 6 or 8-sided with a flat base and a point on the other end. Does it matter which direction you hold a tower? Why, yes! When pointed away from you, a tower emits energy away from you; when pointed towards you, a tower draws energy to you.

Double Point/Double Terminated (DT) Point

Double Points are believed to balance energy. Having a point on each end allows it to channel the crystal’s energy in both directions – away from and towards you at the same time!


Spheres radiate with a gentle, even energy. Its rounded shape allows the energy of the crystal to radiate equally in all directions at the same time, which can be extremely useful for clearing the energy of a space. Smaller spheres are perfect to hold during meditation. They are also good to carry in your purse, pocket or bra, allowing you to experience the crystal's gentle energy throughout the day.

Raw/Natural Stone

Ahhh! Straight from Mother Earth! Raw stones are great for experiencing the natural beauty and energy of the stone.

Palm Stone

Palm stones are typically flat or smooth stones that fit in the palm of an average-sized hand. I personally love to meditate while holding a palm stone, but they are also nice to display in your workspace or on a nightstand. They are a great tool for manifestation since the presence of the stone often serves as a reminder of the intention you’ve placed with the stone.

Worry Stone

Worry stones are polished, flat crystals with an indentation on one side that is ideal for rubbing the thumb. This shape helps to relieve stress and anxiety and can be easily carried with you in your pocket.


Crystals that have been shaped into hearts increase loving energy in addition to the other characteristics of the type of crystal. They send love through time and space, and are perfect to use for opening your Heart Chakra. Just place a heart-shaped stone over your heart during meditation.


Since ancient civilizations, pyramids have been a source of focused energy and power. Pyramids amplify energy from its base and then tightly focus energy through the apex. They are great tools for manifestation. The base acts as an “anchor” for your intentions, while the point sends your wants and desires upward and outward into the Universe. Pyramids are also believed to be a powerful tool to draw off negative energy and blockages from the environment and to infuse positive energy.


A grouping of several crystals attached together that radiate energy throughout. These are perfect to use for home décor, as well as to place other crystals on top of to clear the energy and recharge them.


The egg-shape is similar to a sphere in that it offers gentle, even energy; however, energy is focused through the smaller, rounded end. Eggs are also often associated with fertility.


Geodes are a bed of crystal points on a base that may be rounded like a cave. Laying other crystals on a geode can help to clear their energy. Placing one near a doorway or entrance clears and energizes the incoming flow of energy into the home.

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