5 Ways to Cleanse Crystals


Sage burning surrounded by amethyst and rose quartz

Crystals can absorb and hold energy, so it's important to cleanse them often. By cleanse, I am referring to clearing crystals of any energy that they may have accumulated in the spiritual sense. I highly recommend cleansing your crystals when you first bring them home. In many cases, your crystal has been mined, shaped, polished, transported and sold multiple times over before it ever reaches you. That’s a lot of (potential) energy! I cleanse every stone when I receive it, and again when an order is packed. Your new crystal will inevitably be exposed to energy while en route to your home, which is why I encourage you to cleanse every crystal when you bring it home. I also highly recommend cleansing your crystals on a regular basis. Once a month is a good rule of thumb, but do what feels right for you. 

So, how exactly do you cleanse your crystals? There are many ways to cleanse your crystals. Here are a few of the most common ways.

1. Water

This is one of the easiest way to cleanse your crystals, but it’s not foolproof (more on that later). If you live near a natural water source such as a lake, stream or sea, hold your crystal and let the water flow over them. If you do not live near water, you can run water from the faucet or pour spring water over the crystal to cleanse it. 

Warning: Water has the potential to cleanse, or destroy, your crystals. All crystals are not water-safe, although most stones that are shaped and polished were done so using water, and will be okay to rinse. One rule of thumb is that any crystal name ending in -ite is not water safe. Quick rinses are generally okay, but soaks are an entirely different thing. Do your research. Pyrite, for example, will rust when exposed to water for too long. Malachite can become toxic due to its copper content.

2. Smoke

This is my preferred method for cleansing crystals, specifically using Palo Santo or Sage. It’s best to make sure you have a fireproof dish available, such as an Abalone Shell that you can rest the Palo Santo or Sage in, as well as ensure that you are not losing any embers. To cleanse the crystal, simply light your stick or bundle, and once it begins to smolder, pass the crystal through the smoke. Don’t have Palo Santo or Sage readily available? No worries! You can also use incense or even a candle. 

3. Selenite/Satin Spar

Selenite is sometimes called a master cleanser. It is believed to be self-clearing, meaning that it does not hold onto excess energy. Because of this, it is commonly used to cleanse other crystals. Personally, I choose to cleanse all of my crystals, including Selenite, but I know that is a commonly held belief in the crystal community. My advice? Do what feels best or right for you.

A Selenite charging plate is perfect for cleansing crystals and jewelry. Just place your items on it and let it be. Other items include a wand or even a Selenite bowl - just make sure that your crystals are in contact with the stone.

Other stones used for clearing include Quartz and Amethyst clusters

4. Moon Bath

Placing your stones in the moonlight is a great way to reset the energy of your crystals. If possible, place them on the ground (or a natural surface such as wood) and let them bathe in the moonlight. Leave them out overnight or as long as you are comfortable. You can also let them soak up sunlight the next day, but be careful, as some crystals will fade in direct sunlight (ie, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Fluorite, Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz, to name a few). If you are not comfortable leaving your crystals outside overnight, you can place them on a windowsill or even in your car where they are exposed to moonlight. 

  • The New Moon is a time of releasing and new beginnings, making it the perfect time to clear your crystals of any old and stagnant energy.
  • The Full Moon will also charge the natural properties of your crystals. The full moon is a time for setting intentions, so be sure to think about how you’d like your crystals to support you.
  • You can place your crystals outside on the day of the new or full moon, the day before, or the day after.

5. Earth

Placing your crystal on the ground, or burying it in the dirt is a great way to ground and reset the energy of your stones to its original intent. Reconnecting crystals with the earth is a great way to reset them.

There are many more ways to cleanse crystals, but these are some of the most common ways. How do you prefer to cleanse your crystals? Let me know in the comments.

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