5 Crystals to Attract Love

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air! Around here, we LOVE love – going allllll the way back to ‘143’ on the pager! (IYKYK! But don’t judge me, I’m *really* showing my age now!) No matter whether you choose to celebrate with a significant other, your bff or alone, there’s a crystal for that! Keep reading to see my top 5 crystals for love.

1. Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is often called the "Stone of Love", and for good reason. Whether you are looking to work on self-love, romantic love, or universal love, Rose Quartz is a powerhouse that will help you harness the feminine energy of compassion, peace and tenderness, while its nurturing energy instills a deep sense of self-acceptance.

2. Rhodonite
Rhodonite is a stone of purpose, cooperation, community and generosity of spirit. It's a very supportive stone that works with the Heart Chakra to attract love and ground negative energies. Rhodonite allows you to see areas in your life that can be improved without harshly criticizing or judging yourself.

3. Flower Agate
Those who use Flower Agate say that it brings a sense of peace and calm to the aura and helps to soften and allow you to surrender to all of the things that life throws at you. It helps remind us that growth is not immediate and that you must "grow through what you go through". Flower Agate is often used to activate the Heart and Root Chakras by stabilizing, grounding and encouraging self-reliance. But did you know it also comes in green?! The more rare, green variety of Flower Agate gets its color from Chlorite inclusions, and resonates even more with the Heart Chakra. A limited quantity have just been added to the site. You can view them here.

4. Pink Himalayan (Samahdi) Quartz
As a Pink Quartz, Samadhi shares some of the metaphysical properties of its sister stone, Rose Quartz, yet brings its own unique frequency to the world. Samadhi Quartz helps instill compassion, positive energy and a loving connection with others, Mother Earth and her creation. It carries and radiates the warm, loving energy of the earth and stimulates the Heart Chakra in a profound way. It carries a lovely feminine energy and is the embodiment of nurturing. This stone is the perfect gift for a mother, daughter, sister, or dear friend.

5. Malachite
Whether you are looking to deepen an existing relationship or attract something new, Malachite can offer you the guidance and awareness you need to accomplish your love-related goals. You know that unfiltered advice you would expect from your bff or a family member? In the same sense, Malachite helps you become aware of the patterns and behaviors that do not serve you, and guides you to make the necessary changes and transformations to support your growth.

Whether you are looking to deepen self-love, nurture an existing love or  attract a new love, there's a crystal for that. What's your favorite crystal for love? Let me know in the comments.

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