Elevated Calm Smudge Kit
Elevated Calm Smudge Kit

Smoke Cleansing Kit

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Cleanse • Protect • Purify

This sage kit bundles my favorite tools to keep myself, my space and my crystals clear of negative energies.

White Sage has strong purification qualities to cleanse unwanted energy.  Benefits of burning Sage are believed to include purifying the air, improving intuition and cleansing objects such as crystals.

Palo Santo's fresh scent is sweet and subtle with hints of mint and citrus. Similar to Sage, Palo Santo is most widely used to clear, purify, protect, and bless a sacred space. While Sage rids spaces of all energies, Palo Santo is said to cleanse the negative energy away and bring in positive energy.

Selenite (Satin Spar), also referred to as "liquid light", is a white or clear stone known for its powerful healing and energizing properties. It is the perfect crystal for cleansing and clearing energy. Use Selenite to clear the energy of a room, to clear energy from your body, or even to clear stagnant energy from other crystals.

Uses:  Burn Sage to rid yourself, your space, or even your crystals of negative energies. Can also be used for aromatherapy, blessings and meditation. Burn Palo Santo to cleanse negative energies while bringing in the positive energy. Use Selenite to clear the energy of a room, to clear energy from your body, or even to clear stagnant energy from other crystals.

Product Specs:  Listing is for TWO sticks of Palo Santo, ONE bundle of White Sage, and ONE Selenite wand. 

Note: Selenite and Satin Spar are the same mineral, a form of Gypsum, but they crystallize differently to form either Satin Spar or Selenite. To keep it simple, Satin Spar can be carved and formed into different shapes, whereas Selenite cannot be shaped. It's important to note that they are different forms of the same mineral (Gypsum) but have the same properties. What is most commonly referred to as Selenite is actually Satin Spar, which is fibrous and white, and often seen in towers, as raw wands, or polished into palm stones and spheres. Selenite forms in large, flat, transparent crystals that are often called “plates” or “slabs”. They have very thin sheets and can easily flake apart over time.

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I recommend this product
I loved the bundle!

My packet came with an extra palo santo stick, unsure if it was on purpose or a mistake but it was very much appreciated and was put to good use <3

Dominique S.
United States United States
Worth it!

Both bundles smell amazing! I definitely feel the difference after sageing.