Elevated Calm Garden Quartz Mini Tower
Elevated Calm Garden Quartz Mini Tower
Elevated Calm Garden Quartz Mini Tower

Garden Quartz - Mini Tower (Imperfect)

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Peace • Spiritual Connection • Healing

Garden Quartz (also known as Lodolite) is Clear Quartz with other mineral inclusions inside. These mineral inclusions may include Hematite, Feldspar, Chlorite and many other minerals that are green, maroon, cream, orange, brown, and other colors.

Looking into a great Garden Quartz crystal you get the peaceful sense you feel when you gaze upon a beautiful landscape scene.  Each Garden Quartz is unique - no two will ever be the same as the inclusions may appear as whisps, growths or layers lying within the Quartz. Some will contain green inclusions, which are usually Chlorite, others are reddish or dark dust, meaning Iron is present. 

Garden Quartz is a great tool for visualization and manifesting. Its naturally charged scenery helps raise spiritual healing vibrations, which enables connection and communication with spirit guides. 

Note: Garden Quartz is known by a variety of names including Lodolite, Landscape Quartz and Scenic Quartz, as well as Ghost Quartz, Shamans Dream Stone and Inclusion Quartz.  

Uses: Hold it in your hand during meditation to raise your vibration. Journal with it nearby to anchor your insights. Place it on your nightstand to encourage dreaming. Carry it with you when you need a boost of healing energy.

Product Specs: Listing is for the EXACT item shown in pictures. Measures 1.3" and 52g - beautiful phantoms! This piece has a nick on the bottom, reflected in the price and shown in the last photo.

Imperfect items are FINAL SALE and not eligible for return or promotion codes.

Because these are natural stones, each varies in size, shape and markings. Each is different and unique, just like you!