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Elevated Calm Self-Care Box
Elevated Calm Self-Care Box
Elevated Calm Self-Care Box
Elevated Calm Self-Care Box
Elevated Calm Self-Care Box

Self-Care Box

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Self-Love • Compassion • Healing • Heart Chakra

The Self-Care Box includes 12 items to elevate your self-care game and to help make self-care a priority. It’s the perfect way to treat yo’self or a loved one who needs a reminder that self-care isn’t selfish. 

Represented by the colors green and pink, the Heart Chakra is the bridge between your lower and upper Chakras, and is represented by the mantra "As above, so below".

The Heart Chakra connects us with kindness, love, compassion, understanding and who we truly are. And although we are in relationships with everything and everyone, your most sacred relationship is the one you have with yourself. 

Our Self-Care Box will help you balance your heart center, get to know yourself better, honor yourself more fully and spend enjoyable quality time with yourself.

What's Inside (valued at $120)

  • 1 - Rose Quartz
  • 1 - Chrysoprase
  • 1 - Mini energy set
  • 1 - Necklace
  • 1 - Facial roller 
  • 1 - Rose sage
  • 1 - 2 oz bath & body oil
  • 1 - Tube of bath salts
  • 1 - Bag of Himalayan salt chunks
  • 1 - Journal
  • 1 - Crystal pen
  • 1 - Jar of matches 

Green Box: Chrysoprase necklace/Green Jade facial roller
Pink Box: Rose Quartz necklace/Rose Quartz facial roller

Because these are natural stones, each varies in size, shape and markings. Each is different and unique, just like you! 

Metaphysical properties are provided solely for informational purposes and are not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional.


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