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Purple Opal Cube

Purple Opal Cube

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Peace • Tranquility • Nurturing 

Purple Opal, also known as Morado Opal (Spanish for purple), is a unique variety of common opal found with a higher than usual content of Quartz and Fluorite. This is where the marbled pattern of purple, black, and white variations of color come from. 

Purple Opal is excellent for working with the Third Eye Chakra and connecting to higher knowledge. If you are seeking higher knowledge and answers, this is your tool. Quartz magnifies the energy around it, so the powerful inspirational and creative energies of Opal and the spiritual clarity and attunement of Fluorite are amplified in these stones.

Uses: Purple Opal is a wonderful stone to hold in your hand during meditation to deepen your practice. Consider pairing with Quartz to amplify the frequency. Carry in your pocket, purse or even your bra to help calm nervous energy. Place a piece in your home or office to quiet your inner voice and dispel negative thoughts.

Product Specs:  Listing is for ONE cube, approximately .6" to 1"

Because these are natural stones, each varies in size, shape and markings. Each is different and unique, just like you! 

Metaphysical properties are provided solely for informational purposes and are not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional.