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Elevated Calm Amethyst Tower
Elevated Calm Amethyst Tower
Elevated Calm Amethyst Tower
Elevated Calm Amethyst Tower

Amethyst Tower

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Intuition • Spirituality • Purification 

Amethyst radiates pure peace and tranquility. This gentle but powerful stone stimulates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, enhancing cognitive perception, accelerating the development of intuition and awakening your inner spirituality.  It clears and soothes the mind for meditation, allowing space to raise your consciousness. 

Uses: Meditate with a piece of Amethyst in your hand or place on your Third Eye to feel its healing energy and to clear your upper Chakras; add a piece of Amethyst to your home to help create a peaceful atmosphere; keep a piece of Amethyst in your workspace or office to protect your space from negative energy.

Product Specs: Listing is for ONE tower. All pieces have beautiful rainbows 🌈

  • A:  Light purple. Clearer top becoming more opaque closer to the bottom. Measures 2.3" and 54g
  • B:  Darker purple with Ametrine. Clearer top with some cloudiness in the bottom. Measures 2.1" and 61g
  • C:  Lighter purple, clearer piece. Measures 2.0 and 66g
  • D:  Medium/darker purple with Ametrine. Measures 2.0" and 72g
  • E:  Medium color with internal inclusion. Measures 2.3" and 82g
  • F:  Medium color with internal inclusion. Measures 2.4 and 90g
  • G: Darker purple with Ametrine. Clearer top with some inclusions in the bottom.  Measures 2.6" and 100g
  • H:  Lighter purple, clearer piece with beautiful infractions.  Measures 2.6" and 104g
  • I: Medium color with Ametrine. Clearer top with some inclusions in the bottom. Measures 2.5 and 112g

Because these are natural stones, each varies in size, shape and markings. Each is different and unique, just like you! 

Metaphysical properties are provided solely for informational purposes and are not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional.

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